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TinyMCE + KCFinder

JavaScript WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE + KCFinder


special thanks to s.mashevsky

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Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

This doesn't work in monstra 1.3.1 for some reason.


Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

Can anyone advise how to get the KCFinder window to be in English please?

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Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

It works in english!

Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

hi how I can activate mce plugin? I have installed but I can't see it

Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

Does it add

or lots of


Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

Not found in Version 3.0.1
Some suggest?
Thank You

Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

Hi, I want to share the new plugins, date and running for version 3.0.1 of Monstra.

The changes were:
I will update TinyMce and KCFinder
5 languages were added to the editor, it, pl, ru, tr
The language of the editor automatically changes, making the default language of the site.
Other minor improvements to the editor.

Download: …

Re: TinyMCE + KCFinder

your updated version is not working with monstra 3.0.4

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