Hello :)

I'm https://gelato.monstra.org/ a web-developer with strong will for learning and researching new technologies and architectural solutions. I like creating and using specialised tools for making development processes as efficient as possible.

Main skills:
Front-end development and expertise, web interfaces standardisation, modular development, front-end automation, front-end architecture development. I have experience with big projects and big development teams.

My Projects

Morfy Monstra Monstra Gelato Monstra Email Aikido Kirovograd

My Skills

PHP FuelPHP CodeIgniter JavaScript HTML XML Ajax jQuery Node.js GruntJS GulpJS Bower CSS LESS GIT Mercurial Subversion JIRA Kanban Scrum Web Development Web Design Web Perfomance Mobile Web Development UI/UX

Work Experience

Monstra - Founder and Lead developer

Onix-Systems - Lead Front End Developer

Contact Me

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