Topic: F.A.Q

What is Monstra?

Monstra is a simple and light-weighted Content Management System written in PHP!

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software that allows publishing, editing and modifying content on your Web site. Content Management System provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.

How much does Monstra cost?

It's absolutely free!

What are some real world examples of what Monstra! can do?

Small business Web sites
Personal or family homepages
School and church Web sites

What do I need to run Monstra?

Monstra runs on a variety of machines and environments. For more information you can view our Server Requirements page.

How can I Contribute to the Community ?

Monstra is an open source project and community contributions are essential to its growing and success.
Contributing to the Monstra is easy and you can give as little or as much time as you want.

Here are just a few ways you can get started:

  • Help on the Monstra Forum

  • Donate to keep Monstra free. We will add you to Monstra Sponsors Page if your donation is $10 or more!

  • Develop a new plugin.

  • Create a new theme.

  • Find and report issues

  • Link back to Monstra.

Where I can find logos Monstra Logos and Graphics ?

You can use logos on this page. Please do not change anything about the logo except its size.

Can I remove the "Powered by Monstra CMS" message in the front-end ?

Yes, but we would like to ask you to show your support for the Monstra CMS project by showing a "Powered by Monstra CMS"  line that links to the project's website.

Important - Concerning copyrights.
It is not allowed under any circumstances to remove and/or change the copyright notices in the files that make up the Monstra CMS

Monstra Terminology

Block - short reusable piece of html code.

Usage in page content:

{block get="blockname"}

Usage in template:

Snippet - short reusable piece of html, php, js code.

Usage in page content:

{snippet get="snippetname"}

Usage in template:

Chunk - short reusable piece of html, php, js code. Usually chunks used to create Header, Footer, Nav

Usage in template:

Shordcode - simple bbcode-like tag. Check this article about our powerful Shortcode API



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