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Topic: Disqus comments

Disqus comments

"you need an  disqus id"




{disqus id="your id"}


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GR reader.

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Re: Disqus comments

Thank you.
great plugin

Re: Disqus comments

its seems to be not working under new version 3.0.2

Re: Disqus comments

For sure cause it have not been updared since 2.3.0 big_smile ill take a look later

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So far So good wink

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Re: Disqus comments

Download here smile Star would be great!
https://github.com/Raiper34/Disqus-comm … tra-plugin

Re: Disqus comments

I tried this plugins and did not work after editing.

Easier wink way for green user is the example:

http://www.mightyhaggis.com/blog/disqus … g#comments

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