first off all this is not wordpress or joomla support forum smile this forum is for cms named Monstra so you should post at joomla's forum instead and ask since your question has nothing related to Monstra.

first you should not use php 5.5.12 since that version is still in development stage thats probably why 2.3.1 from .zip is failing, try downgrade to 5.4.23 or w.e there is as lowest since that one is current stable release while 5.5.12 is development version so using that is at your own risk.

3 2014-03-19 19:08:40

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well there is a way to support multi-language on each domain to and 1 cms anyway smile Drupal CMS has it so i hope Monstra CMS will have this feature in future smile

i'm happy to see you like this idea fr1zzer smile i hope rest of users on here will like it to smile

5 2014-02-13 17:52:27

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Hi everyone smile

I'm working on a web hosting company that will be one of the recommended hosts for Monstra and Morfy CMS smile so you all don't need to find a compatible hosts for these 2 cms,

since my web hosting company will have full support on these 2 cms to make sure all requirements are meet and that cms will have zero issues.

Right now the company is still under progress since i'm currently doing the main site once everything is all done i will put it live and announce when it's up and running smile

in the main time i thought of leeting you all submit some ideas to me so i will update this topic or post a reply soon with a link to my company forum where you all can signup and give feedbacks/suggestions for my company to improve it smile

Go to forum: Projects Go to post 5

6 2014-02-13 14:28:58

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what i could see is you editing index.chunk.php not index.template.php because .php in themes folder has no index.template.php only index.chunk.php so either you renamed index.chunk.php into index.template.php like guy who said after my first post.

Nvm it was index.template.php so i was editing right one but odd thing is once i uploaded it containing html code from html site inside index.template.php it then got every page on my cms to show same content.

secondly now i agree about that idk where i got thing about index.chunk.php xD must of thinked by same name that rest of files in that folder is called lol

7 2014-02-12 14:34:55

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nvm appearently guide by RomanArt his video was wrong hmm he actually replaced code above in index.chunk.php with content code from html template and that made every singel page get same content, but i solved it by adding back original php codes into index.chunk.php and then add content code through admincp area by editing index page that made it work out smoothly without any issue smile


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Hey is anyone here able to help me out fixing Hostro template into monstra cms? since i got it added but then adding main site content to index.chunk.php only puts every page i create with same content which is wrong so i restored it back to it's default and now table part is not behaving propertly in cms sad

ah lolz idk how i missed that file inside html version xD thanks for including it by default smile

Nice is it possible you could share the TAGS_HELPER.monstraCMS.php as well? since it would be usefull to have that file so i can add tags up on your tutorial video smile

well you don't really need a end slash for url to work smile


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well i do could you send me the steps you did so i can try it myself and see if it works better?


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hmm tried to get this template into monstra cms but problem with this is it messes up badly same when trying to add it to whmcs sad which isa bummer.


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you could upgrade your cms to 2.3.1 that is the latest version now smile


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i don't think morfy cms is supposto have user database since it's meant to be just a cms that you edit files manually, not sure. If you want one with db then go for Monstra CMS that one has user registration and so on smile


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Yeah proof of it licensed can be found here lowest price is 99$ so that is possibly why you cannot get it to show due to no license key or w.e it needs.

17 2014-01-26 13:07:23

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you gota upload folder into plugin folder and then go into admincp ----> plugins and then select install plugins or w.e it says above there you should find this plugin ready for install click install and your done.


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Thank you smile will have a look into this smile

19 2014-01-24 22:24:34

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okay but where is .zip/.rar pack? also is it a free template?


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yeah thats exactly what i asked about if your able to add menu drop down but 2.3.1 sems not to have such feature hmm so i hope 2.4.0 will have it smile


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Hi idk if this is right section but i was wondering if anyone here that is good on bootstrap could design me a web hosting company template for free? since i will be using monstra cms smile so i hope some 1 would like to offer this and i will ofcourse have a credit back to the person who coded & designed my web hosting company site smile

what my company is offer for now is Game servers and Web Hosting, but your welcome to code dedicated server page and vps + cloud page for the future so my site is ready for those service smile

22 2014-01-22 17:44:08

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Hi is it possible to create Drop Down menu in navbar? since cannot sems to find such function inside admin area hmm i have tried around on menu area but nothing creates drop down menu.

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23 2014-01-22 17:25:20

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why do you want to install it local and then upload it? makes no sense, it's better if you upload and install it straight on your host wink


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Ah thanks smile i was expecting to find it under settings area but it was hidding in Users area hehe smile


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Hi, is it possible to disable register on monstra cms 2.3.1? since i will be using it as my company site and i don't want users to be able to register only view the site smile