Topic: 500 Error on vps

Hi guys, this script is great thumbs up to you all.

I found a error i need some help on this... So i installed Monstra in the main account of my server using all requested things, now the issue is when i click to go /admin i get a 500 error on it.

PHP Fatal error: require_once(/var/sentora/hostdata/z/public_html/domain_com/engine/_init.php 

So the system is cutting off my folder name it was zadmin right after hostdata/zadmin and that's a thing with the str_replace. So i found something let me share with you all.

public static function parseVariables($frontend_buffer)
        return str_replace(array('@site_url',

I need the path to be /zadmin/ maybe here i can make some changes? Were should i edit to get this script working?

Thanks in advance

Re: 500 Error on vps

Hi TheBugsBunny,

so you can simply do should change many files!

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